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Service plan apiportal-apiaccess in the API Management, API Portal

Hi all, I'm trying to set up our API Portal. API Management, API Portal is subscribed for my subaccount and it's also entitled for API Management, API Portal with the service plans apim-as-route-service and on-premise-connectivity. No other service plans are available. In Trust Configuration I assigned all possible role collections to my user.

Now, according to step 9 of the setup documentation I should go to API Portal application. There I have to fill some data, among them Host Alias for Virtual Host. Since I don't know, where do I find this, I wanted to request a new, as documented. Two prerequisites are needed here, one of them is Creating a Service Key. Two further prerequisites are fullfiled (API Management, API Portal is subscribed, my user has the role Space Developer). But in step 4 of the documentation I should choose the service plan apiportal-apiaccess, which is not available for me.

What do I miss, what am I doing wrong?

I would very appreciate any hints and clues.

Best regards


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2 Answers

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    Posted on Sep 09 at 01:54 PM

    Afaik know, you don't need to set up a service instance to get the API Portal running. The virtual host will be part of the URL of your APIs. If I recall correctly, you can enter an arbitrary string.

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  • Posted on Sep 08 at 11:21 AM

    Hi Michał,

    this is a very good question and I can understand your problem. The entitlements and service plans that you see are, as you already suspected, not the API Management subscription that you need. This service plan is useful if you use API Management on Neo and want to consume it from CF.

    In Cloud Foundry, you can find API Management under "Subscriptions" ob the subaccount level. Unfortunately, this service is (as of today) not available on trial.

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