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Sep 07, 2020 at 02:36 AM

How to add percentage column to use for calculations


Hi all,

I do have a scenario whereby I need to place 2 columns of percentages to show a revenue split for events (SHPL% and SCC%).
However, I cant seem to manually add the percentage values where I can later use it for my calculations to the final adjusted revenue.

In this example, in order to show the values, I can only think of making use of the event Properties, however this is not a measure that enables me to use in my calculation.

I have also tried different means such as blending a file upload that contains the event & % value to blend with the model, but it failed to blend properly, the percentage values keep showing up as "Null".

I appreciate any advise to help on this, thank you! * Note this is not a planning enabled model too.


show-value.png (291.6 kB)