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Sep 05, 2020 at 06:29 AM

SAP HANA Query Creation ERROR


Dear All,

I am trying to make new query report name "PO-GR-RT-AP Report".

But it's not taking, kindly help to create this.

SELECT T1."DocEntry" as "Link", T1."[DocNum]" as "PO No.", T1."[DocDate]" as "PO Date", T1."DocStatus" as "PO Status", T1."[CardName]" as "Vendor Name", T9."SlpName", T10."firstName" AS "PO Owner", T8."FrgnName" AS "Part No." , T0."[Dscription]" as "Part Name", T0."[Quantity]" as "PO Qty",T0."[Price]" as "purc Price", T0."[OpenQty]", T0."[OpenSum]", T3."DocNum" as "GRPO Doc Num", T2."[Quantity]" as "GRPO Quantity", T12."DocNum" AS "Return No", T12."DocDate" as "Return Date", T11."Quantity" as "Return Qty" , T5."DocNum" as "APinvoice No", T5."DocDate" as "APinvoice Date", T5."DocStatus" as "APinvoice Status" , T4."Quantity" as "APinvoice Qty", T5."DocTotal",T5."PaidToDate" as "Applied Amt", T7."DocNum" as "Credit Note No.", T7."DocDate" as "Credit Note date",T6."Quantity" as "Credit Note Qty" FROM "POR1" T0 INNER JOIN "OPOR" T1 ON T0."DocEntry" = T1."DocEntry" left outer join "PDN1" T2 on T2."BaseEntry" = T0."DocEntry" and T2."BaseLine" = T0."Linenum" left outer join "OPDN" T3 on T2."DocEntry" = T3."DocEntry" left Outer join "PCH1" T4 on T4."BaseEntry" = T3."DocEntry" and T4."BaseLine" = T2."Linenum" and T4."BaseType" = 20 -- OR (T4."Basetype"=17 and T4."BaseEntry"=T0."DocEntry" and T4."BaseLine"=T0."LineNum") LEFT outer join "RPD1" T11 on T11."BaseEntry" = T2."DocEntry" and T11."BaseLine" = T2."LineNum" LEFT outer join "ORPD" T12 on T11."DocEntry" = T12."DocEntry" left outer join "OPCH" T5 on T5."DocEntry" = T4."DocEntry" left Outer join "RPC1" T6 on T6."BaseEntry" = T5."DocEntry" and T6."BaseLine" = T4."Linenum" left outer join "ORPC" T7 on T6."DocEntry" = T7."DocEntry" left outer join "OITM" T8 on T0."ItemCode" = T8."ItemCode" left outer join "OSLP" T9 on T9."SlpCode" = T1."SlpCode" left outer join "OHEM" T10 on T10."empID" = T1."OwnerCode" WHERE T1."[DocDate]" >='[%1]' and T1."[DocDate] <='[%2]' Group by T1."DocEntry", T1."DocNum",T1."DocDate",T1."DocStatus",T1."CardName", T9."SlpName",T10."firstName",T8."FrgnName",T0."[Dscription]" , T0."[Quantity]" ,T0."[Price]", T0."[OpenQty]", T0."[OpenSum]", T3."DocNum" , T2."[Quantity]" , T5."DocNum" , T5."DocDate", T5."DocStatus" , T4."Quantity", T5."DocTotal",T5."PaidToDate" , T7."DocNum" , T7."DocDate" ,T6."Quantity",T12."DocNum",T12."DocDate",T11."Quantity"

Thanks & Regards,