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Sep 08, 2020 at 12:15 PM

SAP Enable Now - exit trainer after launching "Free link"


We have a scenario and I struggle to find the path to "how to do this" in SEN Producer.

We have a book, several pages.

We have an action on a shape to a free link, this works ok. But it opens a new tab (we do not have "new window" active).

Our desire - when the user clicks the shape to go to the free link, we want to close that trainer session.

We can use action exit on a shape, but that misses the "go to free link". There are also the page actions (on click, etc), but I failed to get those to work to the desired activity for the user.

I felt like I could layer these actions, but after some experimentation wasn't successful.

Any thoughts/tips/tricks?

Thanks for the help/thoughts. Wallace