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Sep 02, 2020 at 07:00 AM

Problems with FTP with multiple polls


Hi community,

We are using the SFTP connection to Paypal to receive the settlement reports. As of the design of Paypal, we have to use different user credentials per legal unit (e.g. German Website, Austrian Website, ..). So in total we have meanwhile ~20 User/Passwords we have to check recurrently. At the moment, it's one Partner with 20 services and each service on own communication channel. Problem is now, that we have scheduled to run every x minutes and after a server restart, all channels are running more or less synchronously and some DoS protection within Paypal identifies that there are too many FTP connections trying to establish at the same time (nearly same time). So the poll fails. We can run and start the channels manually again one-by-one and problem is for the moment solved - as there is a small gap between each channel due to manual activity. But after the next time the server needs to be restarted, we are again in same situation. I already thought to have a time control per channel. First channel starts 00:00, next one 00:01, ... when having every 30 min a poll, it will never come to overlap - but this seems a too stupid solution. Is there any better solution you can provide?

BR Helmut