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Aug 29, 2020 at 09:24 AM

Missed jars again on 4.3 - Fiori Launchpad RWS 00005



After upgrade of 4.2 SP7 towards 4.3 SP0 Patch 1 on an splitted environment (Enterprise Tier/Web Tier) we face again error RWS 00005 when opening webi documents on Firori as described on KBA 2619641.

We have checked that the 2 mentioned missing files on the KBA (the 2 jar files) does exist on the web tier but I suspect that they are the same ones we manually placed on 4.2 SP7 to fix the same issue (if you check the dates you see that they have not been updated)

So, has someone else noticed a similar issue?

Has someone a full 4.3 SP0 Patch 1 full install to share these 2 files?