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Aug 28, 2020 at 08:00 AM

DTW updating using CRD2 and OCRD payment methods fails



I have to update BP master data by setting a new payment method, already created in SAP, as 'Included' and 'Default'.

Following note 1035685, I have prepared the file for CRD2 and OCRD.
For many BP the operation was successful, but for many other fails, with apparent no reason.
I have tried using only one BP in both files:
in CRD2, CardCode and PymCode, and in some tests also LineNum.
In OCRD, CardCode and PymCode, but also some test with CardName and CardType.

I tried DTW with Add, Add+Update and Update settings, with both files and only file for CRD2.
I also tried to only update OCRD, but it fails for some BPs.

For example, a BP that has 2 included payment methods with one of that set as Default; executing the DTW, both in Add and in Add+Update, to set Included another PymCode and setting it as Default, leads to error
"Data inconsistency; check the negative payment method for included payment methods".
In other cases I obtaing error
"Default payment method should be included with the BP's payment methods", although that Pyment method should set Included by the DTW operation itself!

I have already read any note and post about similar errors, but anything helped.

Thanks in advance