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Aug 28, 2020 at 12:45 AM

WEBI Column Values Compare based on Condition


Hi Guys,

I have scenario where i implemented Input control as Search bar (Entry field) in Webi report (SAP BO 4.2Sp7p1). I created some variables to find the input string in the data set. In below case my input is "A61". "Classification Like" variable determine the string and give the result as "Match" and "No Match"which i will subsequently display in the report by using table level filter.

Now the new requirement is once any search string matched with corresponding value then rest of all value should also display for each company/Document Number

So in case A61 search , we have same document Number but two different companies, rows Match which have A61. Need to convert No Match values as Match - so it means if any company has at least one Match rest all No Match turned to Match.

Note; If any company which has no value match then all No Match values remain stay as it.

Any Suggestions Please.



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