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Aug 27, 2020 at 07:01 PM

Enabling SAML2.0 For Fiori with 2 different Hostnames

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Hi Geeks,

I got stock in enabling SAML2.0 SSO configuration with 2 different hosts which is connecting to same application.

  1. hostname1:port1 (Intranet Hostname)
  2. hostname2:port2 (Internet Hostname)

I'd activated SAML2 with Hostname 1 and worked with ADFS team to export/import metadata. Its working fine when i use Fiori with Hostname1, after that my ADFS team added hostname2 in the ADFS relay state configuration as alias/ secondary hostname.

But now when i try access Fiori with Hostname2, facing relaystate error with hostname1 redirection. In ADFS Hostname1 is added as default which we can't edit.

Now my question is, is there is any option not to make hostname 1 as default while configure SAML2, so that we can add multiple hostname as relaystate endpoint urls.

I tried searching for SNote and SAP documents, no where it is mentioned for 2 different host for same application.