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Aug 27, 2020 at 03:08 PM

Splitter with multiple Gather on Router branches


Hello Experts,

We are working on the scenario, where we have to split the incoming payload to multiple based on the XPATH content.

The incoming JSON payload contains combined data with 3 countries and i want to send it to individual country end-points. e.g. if the incoming payload contains 10 records, 3 for US, 2 for IN and 5 for UK, the output should be 3 messages with 3 records for US, 2 for IN and 5 for UK.

I am using General Splitter then the router with 3 branches and having a Gather step on each branch. The problem is Gather is collecting all the records. For testing, we removed the Gather step and we could see records splitting as per the country but we want to Gather them individually which doesn't seem happening.

Any limitation of having only 1 Gather per Splitter? Please confirm.

Thanks in advance.