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Aug 27, 2020 at 07:40 AM

SAP ASE - What is best way to synch large table between servers


Hello -

Table DocFeed has 54875029 rows on Source Server and needs to be imported into Target server. Please help me with best approach to load table from one server to another.

I have attempted these -

1) Created Remote Server to Source from Target. Created Proxy Table on Target for Source. Did INSERT into Target SE

sp_addserver 'SourceServer','ASEnterprise','SrcServer'
SELECT * FROM master..sysservers
sp_addexternlogin SourceServer, 'sa', 'sa' ,'XXXX'
CREATE PROXY_TABLE TABLE tempdb..DocFeed AT 'gemini.GLRjrnl.dbo.map_legacy_curr'

INSERT INTO TargetDB..DocFeed SELECT * FROM tempdb..DocFeed '(use ins_by_bulk on)' 

Problem is it is very slow and Transaction Log is quickly getting filled up.

2) BCP OUT records into a file and then use BCP IN to load data into Target server. But problem is choosing right column delimiter and generating a 25GB file.

-- In 'thoughts'...