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Sep 01, 2020 at 10:10 AM

BW Query hampered due to calculations at run time


Hello Folks,

Good day to you all !!

We have implemented the 3 CKF columns in the BW query and those 3 columns are having the IF conditions and RKFs included in it to achieve the business requirement and also defined cells for each column in cell definitions.

The report was hampered due to the calculation of 3 columns logics/formulas/Cells at runtime after the parameters given in the selection screen. It’s execution time is more than 15 mins and still it runs for long time and runs into memory low issue in RSRT. We were facing this issue in QA due to the volume of data is high even for smaller selection like ( 001/2019 - 001/2019).

Even in DEV system also, its taking little more time (2 - 3 mins) to execute, Therefore we tried to trace this query in RSRT (DEV) to point out where it's consuming lot of time.

Statistics data for query run time - This query is consuming lot of time at this Event ID 3110 OLAP:Data Selection.

Appreciate for your suggestions to improve the performance of this report execution time and let me know for any questions.

This is little urgent and thanks in advance.