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Aug 27, 2020 at 02:31 PM

How to copy and paste hundreds of lines of excel data columns into MIGO quickly



I am facing a major challenge in the MIGO screen when performing inventory transfers.

I transfer inventory using 998/997 movement types in MIGO. I copy and paste data sets from Excel (Material, QTY, customer #, etc) into MIGO for transfer.

The challenge I face is on the MIGO screen, it only shows 11 or so rows at a time and doesn't let me copy and paste entire columns in excess of 11 rows, which is extremely tedious and time intensive when processing transfers of 100+ lines for example.

Does anyone know how I could copy and paste a column set of say 100+ lines in a single copy paste? I'm just wondering if there is a functionality I am missing. I don't see a way to prompt in a column set such as is available in other areas of the system.

Thank you!