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Aug 26, 2020 at 03:29 PM

UDF for renaming multiple files based on incoming file to target SAP PO


Hi Folks,

I have a requirement that it is file to file scenario(pass through) where taking the input files and rename the file as per business and sent to target with custom time stamp.Here we can achieve this with Dynamic bean for rename purpose but need to use more than 20+ FTP receiver channels which business is not accepting and asking to fill the requirement with one receiver channel only.

To do so i need UDF which take multiple values and rename all as per requirement like this

1) Input File name:ABC

Target file Name would be:XYZ_with custom timestamp

2) Input File Name:GHD

Target file Name would be: PQR_custome Timestamp

like this


total 20+ plus files we need to take and rename them and send to target.

So can anyone please provide me the UDF code as ASAP and i would be very thankful.


Chandrasekhar B.