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Aug 26, 2020 at 02:28 PM

BO 4.2 updgrade from SP3 to SP8 - Save Report not working



We upgraded the service pack of BO Server 4.2 from SP3 to SP8, since then we are not able to save the report. Basically We are saving the report through API call. However, with Launch Pad Web Intelligence, we are able to save the report, which is working fine. But it is not working with API call. Basically we make an API call to ProcessSave.jsp endpoint, we are getting the response as "200" but the report is not saved.

So When we looked at the traffic of launchpad web intelligence for saving report, it is sending "CSRF_TOKEN_COOKIE" in the request body of ProcessSave.jsp request, so this is something new that we are seeing in this new SP8 version. So we dont know that we need to send the CSRF token as part of API call.

So could you please help us on this?