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Sep 01, 2020 at 08:41 AM

[CAP] [CDS] Association on Parameterized View is not supported


Dear all,

We are trying to implement the Association on Parameterized Views. However, got a error messages:

[ERROR] srv\cat-service.cds:24:5-59: "association.CV_D_TEST_CDS_ASSOC.ID_1": Associations are not allowed in entities with parameters
[ERROR] srv\cat-service.cds:24:5-59: "association.CV_D_TEST_CDS_ASSOC.ID_1": Associations cannot point to entities with parameters

For the error messages, it is clear that this scenario is not supported.

However, I see a link for the above scenario in CAP documentation. However, the link does not show any details.

Is this an upcoming feature? or documentation issue?

Your feedback is appreciated.

Thanks & Regards,



gpvn3.png (47.8 kB)