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Aug 28, 2020 at 10:15 AM



Dear experts,

I hope you are doing well

Please we have a question and we want a recommendation from you

We will perform an installation of EPM products (IPS, FIM and FC) at a customer

On the SAP HANA database side, we proposed to create a tenant for each application:

• 1 instance: HFC
• 3 tenants:
o tenant of DataServices & IPS
DS schema
PS schema
o tenant of SAP FC
FCPROD schema
FCPARAM schema
FCTEST schema
o Tenant of FIM
FIM schema
Is it recommended to make 3 or 2 schemas in the same tenant?
If yes, can we do a export/import for One schema to another environments?

Or we can just create a tenant for each application?

For example:
One tenant for IPS
One tenant for FCProd
One tenant for FCParam
One tenant for FCTest
One tenant for FIM

Thank you in advance

Best Regards