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Aug 27, 2020 at 12:20 PM

Commerce -> C4C Ticket Integration


Hi all,

I do have a question regarding the Commerce Ticket integration with SAP C4C. I am not able to retrieve or create tickets in C4C because the number mapping in C4C is not filled automatically with the external numbers.

Following scenario:

1. SAP ERP sends a B2B Contact (Debitor and Contact Person) to C4C -> External number mapping is created without leading zeros in SCPI. So for the communication system instance of SAP ERP the external number mapping exists (at least for ERP-Customer and ERP-Contact) - remember, no leading zeros (e.g. 0000000016 is transformed to 16)

2. SAP ERP sends a B2B Contact (Debitor and Contact Person) to SAP Commerce -> Leading zeros are not removed

3. SAP Commerce asks for all tickets of a specific contact (e.g.$filter=ExternalContactID%20eq%20'0000000016'&$orderby=LastChangeDateTime%20desc&$skip=0&$top=5&$inlinecount=allpages&$expand=Notes,RelatedTransactions). We can see that the leading zeros are requested and in fact we do not get the tickets of the contact (btw. we get all tickets in the system, but this is another issue). When removing the leading zeros this also does not work. Only after manually filling the external number for the Commerce communication system instance in SAP C4C it works as expected. But filling the leading zero number for all customers manually in a living system it is not possible at all.

So, how can it be achieved that using standard integration the ticket retrieval between SAP Commerce and C4C is working? Either there is a bug in it or I didn't get the point with the documentation. Maybe I missed a point where the mapping is created with some Integration I didn't see?

I hope that someone can help. I am thankful for every hint.

Kind regards,