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Aug 26, 2020 at 05:55 PM

Order confirmation: IDOC: Update purchase document



we are using ORDRSP Idocs for the incoming order confirmations. We are using the standard deviation control and when the quantity or date varies we send workitems to the employees. The deviation control is based upon the SAP standard. Therefore we need the "normal" settings for the over- and underdelivery tolerances and the customizing of the prices and delivery dates.

The "problem" is now that we have the requirement that the purchasing document shall be updated (after the confirmation of the deviation workitem - already implemented) even if the values are out of the tolerance.

- I have seen that I shall implement MM06E001 (guess 9) for the price. Do you have a sample implementation?

- How can I "ignore" the tolerance for the quantities?

Thanks a lot and regards, Vanessa