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Aug 24, 2020 at 04:00 PM

Android Flowv2


Hi People,

I need your help. I must implement a custom Flow for onBoarding. With old version i can set steps i prefer. How i can with new version of Flow set my favorite steps?

this is an example of old version.

Flow flow = new Flow("onboard");
        flow.setSteps(new Step[] {
                new PasscodePolicyStoreStep(),  // Creates the passcode policy store (RLM_SECURE_STORE)
                welcomeScreenStep,              // Shows the welcome screen and getting the configuration data
                new BasicAuthStep(),            // Authenticates with Mobile Services
                settingsDownloadStep,           // Get the client policy data from the server
                new LoggingStep(),              // available in 2.0.1 and above
                new StoreManagerStep(),         // Manages the Application Store (APP_SECURE_STORE), encrypted using passcode key
                new BasicAuthStoreStep(),       // Persists the credentials into the application Store
                new WelcomeScreenStoreStep(),   // Persists the configuration data into the application store
                new SettingsStoreStep(),        // Persists the passcode policy into the application store
                eulaScreenStep                  // Presents the EULA screen and persists the version of the EULA into the application store