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Aug 26, 2020 at 12:55 AM

SAP Asset Manager Crew Manager Time - Incorrectly only supporting CATS?


We have implemented SAP Asset Manager v2005 with the Crew Manager component. In the Configuration Panel, we have the "PMCONFIRMATION / Enable" parameter set to "Y" and the "TIMESHEET / Enable" parameter set to "N" as we do not want to use CATS time but rather just standard labor confirmation. The second section of the main Overview page appropriately says "Labor Time".

With this setup, we can set up a crew (e.g. of 4 people). After starting, then later putting a Work Order on Hold, the prompt for enter a Time Confirmation comes up. This time is the expected Labor Confirmation time entry screen. Upon a Sync, this time gets posted, but ONLY for the person who is logged into the application, none of the crew members.

Secondarily, and more so the reason for this question, there seems to be an application bug. If we navigate to the Crew, then enter time, the time entry screen is that for CATS. It is requiring the Absence/Attendance Code, etc. for a CATS entry. As the app is treating this as CATS time, the time is not included in the calculations shown on the screen. This is all manual entry, but the problem here is that when a Sync happens, these time records go up into CATS. As stated above, the parameters are set such that all time in the application should be treated as labor Confirmation.

Is this a flaw in the Crew Manager add-on component to where it does not correctly honor the Confirmation concept of time entry? If so, when will this be fixed?