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Aug 24, 2020 at 07:07 AM

How to merge contents of Function Library from multiple development environments - SAP PO7.5


Hello experts,

We are on SAP PO7.5 In our project landscape, we have two parallel development systems - one for support and one for current rollout. We have a common function library in both the systems.

Is it possible to merge UDFs from two versions of the same function library after import from one system to another.

Current issue we are facing is - System A has a version x of FL (ex A,B,C UDFs)

, and System B has version y of the same FL (ex A,B,D,E UDFs).

When we take export of FL from system A to another System B - there are discrepancies ex new UDFs added in system B are getting overwritten by system A version x. When we try to recreate those erased UDFs, Message mappings don't work anymore with errors as -

' Function '781491b3-57be-11e9-c6fb-005056a12d27' not found

Signature of a function used in target field mapping '/ns1:MT_ABC/ListeAdresses/Adresse' has changed '

Here MM is trying to load Function with Obj ID from the old version of the FL which doesn't exist anymore. Though we created the same UDF, the internal Obj ID associated with than UDF has changed and hence MM is in error.

- Is there a way to merge FLs individual UDF list after import from one dev system to another ?

- What is the general development guideline when using Function libraries in multiple development systems. Should we always keep only one directional changes and transports for the common function libraries?

- How the Obj IDs referred in MM for FL UDFs are stored? Because for example, Function

781491b3-57be-11e9-c6fb-005056a12d27 this Object ID is not seen anywhere in the Function library obj. There is no way to see individual Obj IDs for the Function library object.

Please provide some guidance.