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Aug 25, 2020 at 07:43 PM

Asset number range issue in LTMC - Fresh install


Dear all,

I'm facing an issue in fixed assets using LTMC.

In the template, in column concerned in each sheet, in cell External/Legacy Asset Number, I fill with the legacy value, so I'll have something like 100001, 100002 ...

In S4, numbering is managed by customizing and it's an internal numbering.

When I run in simulation mode, the system gives an error message:

Main asset number 100001 does not exist

Message no. AA178


Main asset number 100001 does not exist.

System Response

The system cannot find the ANLH record for this main number.


Enter an existing main asset number or choose an asset using the asset matchcode to help you.

I can't understand what is it wrong, thanks for your support,