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Aug 21, 2020 at 11:24 AM

Running TS optimizer on monthly bucket


Hello All

I am planning to create a scenerio for simulation planning where in I want to run TS optimiser on a monthly level. My objective is even to have the data saved at monthly level only. Since I am copying the the standard planning area so all standard KF for optimizer are a technical week level. So below is what i am doing

1) Doing an advance copy of the PA and change the time profile where month is the most detailed level. Will change storage level to month in the planning area.

2) Creating new planning levels that have months as root in the planning level. Basically copying existing planning levels iof technical week and changing them to monthly level.

3) I will change the base PL of all the standard input and output KF of the optimizer from technical week to monthly planning level.

4) Configure TS optimizer to run on a monthly bucket.

My question is will the above steps be sufficient to make sure that optimiser runs at monthly level and save data at monthly level ? or am I missing something ?

Feedbacks and inputs please.