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Aug 21, 2020 at 11:17 AM

SAP CPI HTTP receiving payload


Hello everyone,

we are currently implementing a data flow from SAP ECC System --> Cloud Connector --> SAP CPI --> FTP. Plan is to transfer files from Unix file system of the application server to the FTP server. First try was with the RFC Adapter but this is not available in the environment oft the CPI. Now plan is to use a HTTP post call with payload / attachments to call an HTTP Receiver Adapter of the CPI. With Postman tool we can simulate already the whole process flow (HTTP 200) but problem ist that the file on the FTP sever will get some cryptic file name. ID-XXXXXXXXX.....

Does someone have an idea how we can get access to the payload of the HTTP body to provide the file name of the input file to the file which will be stored on the FTP server?

Many thanks



iflow.png (12.7 kB)
ftp-result.png (45.0 kB)