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Aug 17, 2020 at 07:28 PM

SAP Analytics Cloud - Issue Time Variance Analysis


In SAP Analytics Cloud we’re trying to add a time variance analysis based on a live data connection to BW 7.5 SP 16.

The individual steps are described in the documentation.

In the first step, we create a bar chart based on the data source ZCO_C019_S001.

Select the following measure DB 3 (% v. Fakturumsatz) and dimension Calendar day and set the hierarchy to FyearFperDayZ4:

For the hierarchy FyearFperDayZ4, it is not possible to add a version here:

When selecting the hierarchy OYEA_MON_DAY, it is possible to add the time variance on calendar day (the navigation attributes for OCalDay are activated, consider Note

The drill-down to month level provides the following view:

Add Variance and Add Version Calendar day:

Get the error message “Unable to retrieve data from the datasource”.

Then we select another measure Verwaltungs-GK, dimension calendar day and we get the same error message, but without a run-time error in the BW.

For the data source ZFC_X003_Q001 we do a time variance analysis based on a measure and dimension calendar day. Here it works and we got with the following result:


screen-1.png (118.3 kB)
screen-2.png (61.8 kB)
screen-3.png (50.2 kB)
screen-4.png (37.8 kB)
screen-5.png (105.8 kB)
screen-6.png (128.1 kB)
screen-7.png (282.3 kB)
screen-8.png (71.5 kB)
screen-9.png (85.6 kB)
screen-10.png (147.6 kB)