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Aug 20, 2020 at 11:27 PM

[49] 301 unique constraint violated: "_SYS_STATISTICS"."ALERT_BLOCKED_TRANSACTIONS"



We have multiple alerts with below details:

[49] 301 unique constraint violated: "_SYS_STATISTICS"."ALERT_BLOCKED_TRANSACTIONS": line 21 col 1005 (at pos 2687): Table(STATISTICS_ALERTS_BASE), Index(_SYS_TREE_CS_#148189_#0_#P0) with error: unique constraint violation in self check for table SS1::_SYS_STATISTICS:STATISTICS_ALERTS_BASEen, constraint='$trexexternalkey$', udiv='323032302d30382d32302031343a35343a35333b34393b33322c757363686c73347334303231683a33303034303a37303a333437333231313135', pos=7; indexname=_SYS_TREE_CS_#148189_#0_#P0 SNAPSHOT_ID: 2020-08-20 14:54:53.0000000.

Just wanted to know on how to resolve this.

Found below note, however since dropping some keys may result to upgrade error. Hence, this will be the last option for me.

2143679 - How-To: Removing Primary Keys of SAP HANA Statistics Server Histories

I was able to find below notes as well which recommend to deactivate the collector. However, these are for different tables

2137142 - HANA Error: 301 unique constraint violated: TrexUpdate failed on table "_SYS_STATISTICS:HOST_SERVICE_THREAD_SAMPLES_BASE"

2127852 - HANA Error: 301 unique constraint violated: TrexUpdate failed on table.

I was hoping that you can point me to the right direction on how to resolve this issue.

Our DB is already SAP HANA 2.0 sp4 revision 45

Thank you very much!