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Group Currency Conversion Failed / BPC MS 10

Feb 15, 2017 at 10:56 PM


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Hello friends, i need your help to find out a Currency Conversion in BPC MS 10.

A. Problem: I have read it a lot but in NW Version. Now I see is different to MS version.

B. Objective: Perform a Group Consolidation of a Holding and two companies (are more companies but to put simple).


C. Data

  1. Data has been loaded in local currency for Valid Period, VEF and EUR.
  2. R_Entity is in VEF (Global)R_Account is as usual AVG and CLO
  3. RptCurrency, VEF is “G” and Others “L”
  4. Owner is related and set-up
  5. In SCOPES, the Group_Currency is VEF
  6. In ENTITY each entity is related to a currency (supposed Local for each entity)

D. Doubt 1:

When run SP Run Conversion, gives an error without explanation. Only use Category=Actual and Time=DEC.2013


E. Doubt 2:

When Check query in debug, I can see the query always use “LC” .How do I can resolve assuming data is loaded in VEF and USD?I suppose this come from Store Procedure and is blocked in MS SQL Server.

F. Results: No ccy conversion performed

Anything you can think of would be great !!


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1 Answer

Priyanka Jagtap Feb 17, 2017 at 06:12 AM

Hi Daniel,

Shouldnt your data for entities be loaded on "LC" rather than VEF or EUR?? which will be converted to VEF(Group currency) by currency conversion. This is standard.

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Thanks Priyanka ! but the client requirement wants data be loaded in local currency (EUR, USD, ..etc) and be converted later to VEF because te client want to perform Fx variation Analysis over this data. Example:

Company A load data in USD

Company B load data in EUR

Headquarter convert both to VEF.

The client Requirement:

1. BS and PL in VEF (Legal Consolidation)

2. Reports by Area in Local currency, example: Retail A (USD) vs Retail B (EUR) with Currency Rate USD/EUR

Let me know if you can see a way to perform it ,



This is always the requirement! Do you know how the currency translation logic works???? What does "LC" member mean? Do we maintain rates for any "LC" member in Rates application? No! By loading data on LC member you are always denoting that data is loaded in entities local currency which is maintained in the Currency property of Entity dimension and using this property the rate is fetched to convert in group currency!


Ok thanks PriY!, pls can confirm my understanding about your suggestion:

1. Load data from company A and B are in "LC". Entity Dimension will define the currency related (USD, EUR, etc)

2. Point 1 means that FACTTable will record in field currency the value "LC" for company A and company B data? Example of Data File for any company:

Account: Gross Comission

Entity: Rpt_Eur87

Group: E_Commercial_Banks

RptCurrency: LC

Amount: 1000



Point 1 - Yes!

Point 2 -- Yes! After currency conversion it will be translated to Group currency! Your trial balance has to be always with LC in BPC!


OK i will make changes en Loading FIles ETL and will post results. Thanks


Hello Priya, same error and no conversión. Take a look to Log File:


Building sub-query 1


Query Type: 0

Max members:

Executing stored procedure SPRUNCONVERSION 'DAMO_BANCO_CON','ACTUAL','','GLOBAL','SPSCOPE_20172221251778','SPLOG_20172221251774'

Error running stored procedure SPRUNCONVERSION 'DAMO_BANCO_CON','ACTUAL','','GLOBAL','SPSCOPE_20172221251778','SPLOG_20172221251774':

Time to run stored procedure: 1.70 sec.

call 1 completed and data posted in 1.71 sec.

Run completed in 1.74 sec.

Any idea pls share! thanks

Try to check all the settings for currency conversion are in place.....also what are the members you are passing while running DMP? Exchnage rates are maintained....

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Please can you share the screenshots of currency conversion data manager steps executed one by one....