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Aug 20, 2020 at 06:11 AM

Dynamic Modification Rule with 100 Percent Sampling procedure(Steel Industry)


Dear All,

I searched a lot before posting this question. The client is having a requirement where they don't want to Inspect all the pieces produced in a day.

Elaborate question - The product is Round bar, Angle, Beam, Channel, which I am producing against the Sales Order. Every with each product they are producing 1000-10000 no of Pieces. In confirmation, they are splitting into the number of Pieces. Now they cannot be tested each and every single piece.

They do the testing based on the number of Pieces produced like if pieces produced between 1- 200, No of Sampling taken will be 10 if 7 samples are found ok, the lot will be accepted, if not ok, 20 Pieces will be tested and so on.

Now I am trying to achieve this requirement through DMR but for DMR the sampling scheme is required which is not possible in creating in our scenario because the pieces produced will be different for each and every order of Production Order.

Kindly help me to achieve this requirement.


Tejas Khanna