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Aug 19, 2020 at 11:34 AM

BW Extractos delta broken after SAP ECC QA refresh completed .


Hello SAP BW/ Basis Experts ,

Hope every one is doing great.I need your help in answering the below questions .

I am asking this question from BW Perspective after Our SAP ECC Quality system has been refreshed from ECC Prod. After refresh activity completed ,We have idnetified all the extractors in SAP ECC quality delta queue were corrupted (Delta broken) with error message : "no transfer structure exists .Delta is being recorded anyway error message in delta queue in rsa7" .

--- We have understood delta functionality has been broken for all the extractors and we need to reinit the data sources to enable the detla loads but have below questions .

  1. What could be the reason for this error message ? Is it because BASIS did not perform refresh activity correctly keeping these risks in mind ?
  2. Will all delta enabled extractors will be broken like this after every sap ecc system refresh ?
  3. From BW Perspective we are planning to reinitilize delta to enable the delta loads for these extractors.Tell us one /few saftey meassures we would have taken before SAP ECC refresh happens so that today we should have not seen these types of erros post refresh.

Thanks in advance .


Divya Teja.