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Aug 19, 2020 at 07:03 AM

S4 Hana Data Migration - Staging table and Direct transfer Approach


Hi Experts,

I am from functional background and new to Data migration concept in S4Hana and I have couple of questions regarding the below Data migration approachs,

1. Using staging table
The DB connection which should be established for the creation of staging table, where it should be created?
For example if we trying to migrate the data into S4Hana DEV server, the connection should be established between the DEV HANA studio? Is there any involvement of source DB(Legacy system)? How we will be filling the staging table in HANA studio?

2. Using direct transfer
I m currently working on S4HANA extened implementation project and according to on one of the Q&A i understood this approach is not feasible in STE/Extented, also as we are having complete change in Org structure in S4Hana system from the Legacy ECC system, I believe this approach is not suitable for us, please let me know if I m wrong.