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Feb 15, 2017 at 09:58 PM

subreport.SetDataSource causing Exception thrown: 'System.OverflowException' in mscorlib.dll


I have a Report with a SubReport. The SupReport contains 3 tables; "Header", "Patient","Sample". I have created a dataset (ds) in C# (Visual Studio 2015) with multiple tables, three if which are the 3 tables above. I create a New DataSet, "dsPmHeader" and Copy from the ds DataSet to the dsPmHeader DataSet;

DataSet dsPmHeader = new DataSet(); dsPmHeader.Tables.Add(comboReport.pm_Screen.Tables["Header"].Copy()); dsPmHeader.Tables.Add(comboReport.pm_Screen.Tables["Patient"].Copy()); dsPmHeader.Tables.Add(comboReport.pm_Screen.Tables["Sample"].Copy()); subreport.SetDataSource(dsPmHeader);

When the "subreport.SetDataSource(dsPmHeader);" is called an

Exception thrown: 'System.OverflowException' in mscorlib.dll occurs twice

I have checked these three Tables in the DataSet and all fields have a Value or is [Empty].

I have checked the Dataset Definition .xsd and verified that all fields have a default value.

The entire code is running in a thread.

Any idea why I am getting this Exception?