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Aug 17, 2020 at 05:56 AM

SAP BPC Script logic rule or transformationfile rule for missing movementtypes in data load

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Dear BPC Experts,

we have some problems with the data load from BW via Data Manager. We use the SAP BPC10.1 Standard model for the consolidation. We have the following problem when we load data from BW to BPC.

Some of our Profit Center have missing movement types in the Balance Sheet and some of them have the right movement types. When we load data for excample we have for some Profit Center the movementtype 120 at the item 2113340000A and for some Profit Center the movementtype is missing. in this case we would like to write the movementtype 100 for the profit center, where the movementtype is missing.

We need it just for some balance sheet items where the movementtype is missing.

At BPC we already implemented the rule in transformation file for the items, that if there is no movementtype BPC should write it at the movementtype F_CLO. This works fine for alle items and all profit center.

MOVEMENTTYPE=*if (0MOVE_TYPE = *str() then *str(F_CLO);0MOVE_TYPE)

But then we get also the movement F_CLO for the balance sheet items where the movementtype 100 should be there. For the PL and BS items which not need movementtypes the rule works fine but not for the BS items which need other movementtypes then F_CLO.

Because we have calculation rule for the balance sheet items, where the movementtypes from this items will be write f.e. from 120 on F_CLO to get the total balance sheet on F_CLO also. In this case we get the problem, the movementtypes value at this item is 0 (moavementtype f.e. 120) and then BPC write 0 also on the F_CLO where we had value bevore, because the rule is running.

Can you help us with this problem to get for specific items the missing movementtype on 100 for this Profit center where the movementtype is missing and for the other items where we do need movementtype for F_CLO?

I tried it with script logis but it does not work.

Thanks and best regards



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