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Aug 17, 2020 at 03:59 AM

Missing menu bar, and application toolbar in se80, program SAPMF05A, FB01


Hi Gurus,

Good day.

We are currently facing a weird issue whereby the application toolbar icon is missing when we open up se80->screen/gui status. Apart from that, we are also having missing menu tab in FB01, FB60 and etc. May i know if anyone having the same issue and how to resolve this? Thanks in advances

Missing application toolbar icon as highlighted in yellow.

missing icon as below highlighted in yellow

Missing some of the menu bar in FB01 and SE80 as highlighted in yellow

So far the only changes being done base on manual implementation activity for snote#2951595 as below:

Perform the below mentioned manual steps. Do perform the changes in original master language DE.
Update the GUI Status ZBV of function group F040
Go to transaction SE80 and open the function group F040.
Expand the GUI Status and double click on ZBV
Click on "Change" (Ctrl+F1)
Follow the menu Extras -> Active Functions in current status
Scroll down to function code "PI". Select the checkbox.
Click on "Continue". Save and activate the changes.
Update the GUI Status ENJINV, FSKB, UBV of program SAPMF05A
Go to transaction SE80 and enter the program name SAPMF05A
Expand the GUI Status and double click on ENJINV
In "Change" mode expand the function keys
Scroll down and delete the function key "BSBL" maintained for Ctrl-Shift-F5.
Save the changes
Repeat the same for GUI Status FSKB and UBV
Activate the program SAPMF05A


se80.jpg (111.8 kB)
missing-icon.jpg (80.6 kB)
fb01.jpg (70.0 kB)