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Aug 21, 2020 at 02:07 AM

sap webi does not pass parameters to the calculation view



We recently upgraded BOBJ to 4.2 / sp8 patch 4 and since then unable to pass the parameters from WEBI to the calculation view.

Here is a simple scenario.

1. Created Department hierarchy which has levels 0 - 7 and attributes.

2. Created a calculation view .

2.1 3 parameters INP_DEPT_LEVEL_UP / Down and Department ID in calculation view

2.2 created 2 parameters in Dimension department.

has very simple filter Department Level <= INP_DEPT_LEVEL_UP AND

Department level >= inp_dept_level_down.

Depending on the user input, the drop down prompt should display only those departments

In the calculation view, I enter 7 & 6 and I get correct departments in the department list box. This functionality works in QA which has bobj SP6 rev 600.

Recently we upgrade to SP8 revision 4 ( very latest ) and since then the parameter links no longer works. Basically, from the webi parameters are not passed to the backend and so I see all departments becuase the default in dimension is 7 and 6.

I've described a very simple scenario. In reality we have a very complex view.

Friends do you have any issue like this? We're working with SAP however unable to identify the issue. We run WEBI in htmtl mode. I tested the solution in Applet mode as well.