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Aug 17, 2020 at 01:44 PM

SAP SSO between SAP Systems with X.509 Certificate



I am looking for a way to use SAP NW SSO X.509 Certificate instead of Assertion Ticket for SSO between on SAP ABAP System webservice to the next SAP ABAP System webservice (No J2EEs envolved).

The users get SAP NWSSO Client Zertificates at the moment and are asked for choosing the right certificate anytime switching the system.

Because of security reasons we like to use X.509 and DN of the users instead of assertion tickets, especially we can not guarantee the identical identity of SAP user accounts with same name.

Can I use the X.509 certificate insted of assertion ticket?

Perhaps it would be better to suppress the question to select the right client X.509 certificate. But I have no idea how.

Best Regards