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Aug 22, 2020 at 01:43 AM

Table control field validation in SAP ABAP

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Hi experts! I need to validate a particular input field in the table control.

The scenario is something like: When the user click gives some inputs in table control and click on save certain validation to be done by comparing loaded quantity with balance quantity and throw an error if it exceeds.

*Issue happening is: 

Process After Input. 
Module user_command_500.

loop at gt_item. 
field wa_item-loadqty module valiadte_loadqty. 

"Here in my above code, the gate pass is created when user click on SAVE, so the input in table control has to be validated before the Gatepass is generated. My Sy-ucomm is in useer_command_500 where the logic for validations needs to be written but the system captures the loaded qty (Input given in table control) only within loop endloop. So it's like a gatepass is generated and validation is beinh done.