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Aug 21, 2020 at 12:21 PM

AS02 - cannot change/delete profit center



I need to fix a broken REFX (Flexible Real Estate)-FA (Fixed Asset) integration in order to complete the valuation. In order to reestablish the link I need to clear all details (including the profit center) in the time-dependent of the asset but the field is locked because segment reporting is active and asset is already capitalized.Is there another way to fix this issue?

A change was made to the lease term (contract end date) together with the "start of consideration date" after depreciation values have been posted from the first posting (start of consideration date) from date. That is, the contract originally activated with 12mths term, then it gets renewal but it was realize that the incorrect date was used for the "start of consideration" date. Now the system throws an error "profit center not ready for input" when i try to complete the valuation rule.