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Aug 21, 2020 at 08:40 AM

BW Planning: AMDP_DERIVE not found in catalog!



I'm trying to develop an exit characteristic relationship for deriving the value of an infoobject leveraging HANA using sql script in an AMDP but an error is thrown when it is triggered in RSPLAN:

System error in program CL_RSPLS_BUFFER_B and form _FILL_SIDS-01

PE error 2.048: column store error: alterPlanningSession error: [38001] ;Session '20200821083513_8698460' not valid. Last error:

And this error can be found in SM21:

Database error 2048 at EXE > column store error: alterPlanningSession error: [38001] > ;Session '20200820102331_3311450' not valid. Last error: > Condition 'fi' failed. Procedure/Function > 'SAPABAP1'.'ZHR_CL_CR_EXIT_ZHR_PLAN_01=>AMDP_DERIVE' not > found in catalog! X MESSAGE BRAIN 299: CL_RSPLS_DELTA_BUFFER_B _CR_DERIVE-02-

It seems that the AMDP method is not found but I have implemented it in the class.

The system I'm working on is:

- SAP BW 7.4 SP14

- HANA DB 1.0.122

As additional info: I have already created CR using AMDP like this on more up-to-date systems (BW 7.5 and BW/4HANA) without having problems and usually the first step I do in order to create the AMDP in the class is using the program RSPLS_SQL_SCRIPT_TOOL in order to copy and paste all the necessary code but on this BW version I cannot find any support code for CR in the program. This is what i see after executing the program on BW 7.4 SP14:

While this is what I see in a SAP BW 7.52 system. Here I can find the section for the CR:

Anyway I tried to write the class without the support of this tool but I fall into the error wrote above. Maybe on this version of BW 7,4 I have to do things differently? Any ideas?




bw-74.png (24.5 kB)
bw-752.png (17.5 kB)