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Aug 20, 2020 at 06:07 AM

SAP Module for Total management of Cutting Tools


I am wishing to understand whether a module exists for the total Management of Cutting Tools. I wish to better manage the Cutting Tool Inventory and Cutting Tool Ordering Process.

I would expect the module to allow some predetermined criteria to be manually loaded (For Example - Assignment of specific Cutting Tools to Specific Manufacture Part Numbers, expected life cycle of each tool (for example Tool A can produce 1,000 pieces of Part Number 33333), Supplier details for each Cutting Tool, Lead Time from order from Supplier, Cutting Tool Safety Stock Level etc....)

Within SAP we have already a clearly defined Production Plan and forecast.

Based on the predetermined criteria and the Production Plan I would expect the module to automatically Order new Cutting Tools. We can say similar to an MRP process but with Cutting Tools rather than Parts.

The Module could also have some reports to help manage the Cutting Tool Inventory, demonstrate Cutting Tool Ageing and when there is no demand (Based on production) for specific cutting tools for a foreseeable future.

Does a module already exist that could cover the above situation?