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Aug 15, 2020 at 07:15 AM

How to get Open Sales Orders? What are different exclusions?


I am using VBAK, VBAP, VBFA, VBUK, VBUP tables to create Open Sales order report ( which are sold to customers not samples, free of charge etc). The numbers are coming way too high than expectation. I am considering Standard order from VBAK. From VBAP, i am filtering "Rejection reason" as empty, Returns are empty, Hence I am considering only those which are not returned from customers. From VBAP, FKREL- Relevant for billing has 3 values in my database- A, B and M. I have also filtered Completed delivery is not 'X". from VBFA, I am using movement type for delivery and subsequent delivery item as "J". From VBUK and VBUP, i am taking Overall rejection status, item rejection status, Overall Delivery status ( I am excl "C"), Overall Item delivery status (Excl "C"), Overall Status and Overall Item status.

After doing this i am getting huge data of open Sales order with following details. Please help to identify exclusions to get accurate open Sales Order data. I need to identify Sales order items which we need to deliver to customers but yet not done:-

1. In my database, VBAP, FKREL- Relevant for billing has 3 values in my database- A, B and M. Do i need to exclude any? are A,B and M all should be considered or any of "A", "B" ,"M" is not relevant for billing?

2. I have already excluded "C" from Overall delivery status and Item delivery status. Hence, they have "A", "B" and blanks in database.

3. Overall Rejection status has values of "A" and "B" in database. Item rejection status only one value of "A". do i need to exclude/delete records from database?

4.Overall Status has "A", "B" and "C" values. Overall Item status has "A", "B", "C" and blanks values. The combination of Overall Status and Overall item status in database are following:- "AA", "BA","BB","BC", "B(Blank)", "CC". Is there any records of deleted based on Overall status and Overall item status? I can see delivery status have A, B or Blanks. but, Overall status and over all item status have "C".

Please advise on Question, 1,3,4. Please also advise if i need to add any other field from any other table and exclude sales order based on some conditions. Please also provide conditions. The purpose is to get consolidated revenue generating Open Sales order which are not delivered or customer picked up ans we have obligation.