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Apr 18, 2006 at 07:45 AM

Currency Translation feature in BEx reports


Hi colleagues,

As you know, when creating queries, you can right click a given key figure and from Currency Translation frame you can select a customized Currency Conversion Key so OLAP engine displays the "converted" value of such Key figure. Standard TCURR table is used for the conversion.

Also, RRC1 txn. code can be used to create Currency Translation Keys to be used in query designer as described before.

I have created a "currency translation key" (let's name it ZTAXILOC) in RRC1.

I have changed my query in the query designer to use this "customized Currency Conversion Key (ZTAXILOC)". My query uses an InfoSet as "infoprovider".

However, when executing query on BEx Analyzer, I receive error message "Cannot apply currency translation type ZTAXILOC in infocube ZTXA04LA3", where ZTXA04LA3 is the name of my infoset that feeds my query.

The Diagnosis is: "You tried to translate a query element with the currency translation type ZTAXILOC. The translation type ZTAXILOC, however, has VARIABLE TIME REFERENCE, relevant to "DH Document Date" characteristic, which is not available in ZTXA04LA3 infoprovider....".

The "DH Document Date" characteristic exists in the ZTXA04LA3 infoset, but technical name changes since for Infosets, BW system dynamically assigns a technical name for each element in the join and it differs from technical in source ODS.

My question is:

Can I use custom "currency translation keys" in query designer if my query uses an infoset as infoprovider? or is custom "currency translation key" just allowed in queries that use an ODS/InfoCube as infoprovider? or should I provide RRC1 with technical name for "DH Document Date" existing on ZTXA04LA3 infoset?

Please advise.

Thank you.

Mario Vallejo.