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Aug 15, 2020 at 10:32 AM

Automatic Determination of Revenue Plan in CPM workbooks from Sales Order pricing

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Hi All

For the Financial Plan ID we want the Revenue Plan to be updated from the Sales Order Pricing for the Baseline Version Monthly Planning Workbooks.

How to derive the revenue in the Monthly Planning Workbook? I have tried to execute the Valuation in the AFO Workbook but it does not work. We have assigned a standard Valuation Strategy 0STRTG_SD_MONTHLY and assigned it to the resource type.

Ideally if I see the Valuation Methods which are used for this strategy it takes care of both Revenue Rate and Quantity as well as Normal Method for SD Revenue.

What may be wrong in this set up? Can anybody please share.

As far as I understand and after raising a seperate OSS with SAP on this I changed a few configurations as mentioned below:

1. Resource Type changed to Class Material and Plan/Forecast based on Quantity

2. In the Plan Scenarios configuration assigned valuation strategy

ZZSTRTG_KP26_SD_MONTHLY which is a copy of the standard valuation strategy 0STRTG_KP26_SD_MONTHLY for the Planning Function /CPD/PFP_A02_PF08.

3. Assigned the following methods in the above Valuation Strategy in the below sequence:

ZZMETH_SD_REV (copy of the standard)

4. The output values for pricing are mapped according to our companys needs.

5. Mapped Pricing Values for the Valuation Method ZZMETH_SD_REV accordingly and changed the Field Values to map with the present system.

I maintain the resource in the workbook with Quantity and Revenue rate to be picked up automatically from the sales pricing but then it says Valaution completed but no revenue rate is determined.


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