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Aug 14, 2020 at 01:07 PM

infopackage taking long time at endpoint


My data source 0INSP_LOT_2_ATTR full load is taking too long time 18rhs for 1.3 M records. Observation is that for 1 M it is loading in 1hr and for 0.3 M it is taking 17hrs. This datasource is based on database view in ECC. Base table(QALS) has 240 fields but only 23 fields are selected to come to BW. Other datasource 0INSP_LOT_ATTR which has same base table as source with only 20 fields coming to BW is working fine.

Work around I did but no use. Job is in active state in ECC.

1. Reduced packet size

2. Checked TRFC's in SM58

3. Indexes on base table are maintained

4. Checked no of process. There are 5 allocated by system is using only one.