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Aug 16, 2020 at 08:49 AM

Syntax highlighting and auto complete stopped working for DCL sources in ADT

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I recall having seen this issue reported somewhere but I cannot find it anymore. And since there have been three updates to ADT since the issue was patched in that did not fix it I decided to open this question.

Four updates to ADT ago the editor support for DCL sources stopped working for me. There is no syntax highlighting anymore and no auto completion for anything in the DCL source (and no outline and no F2).

This is on 740SP20. It still works on 752SP04. Both are not S4H systems.

I know DCL isn't officially supported on 740 but it worked fine for me so far. That it isn't supported you only know by reading the keyword documentation as there is no indication in the development environment itself that you should not use them. Well, until now I guess.

I am using ADT 3.12.1. Is there a chance for the editor support to return?

EDIT: Well, now I found the other issue:


dcl.png (15.8 kB)