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Aug 15, 2020 at 08:52 AM

J.E query for particular account


Hello Experts,

I need to correct the following query.

SELECT T0.Number, T0.[RefDate],t0.ref1, T2.[Credit],T2.[Debit],T3.[AcctName],T2.LineMemo, T3.[FormatCode],T0.Memo , T0.Project , case when T2.[Credit] = 0 then 'DR' else 'CR' end as 'DRCR'
FROM OJDT T0 left JOIN JDT1 T2 ON T0.[TransId] = T2.[TransId] left JOIN OACT T3 ON T2.Account = T3.AcctCode

where t0.number = 10006071

i get the desired result

but when i want the entries related to one particular account i get just ONE line data.

I need whole entries in which this *('PREPAID IMPORT EXPENSES (KHI, GTS)')* particular account is used between selected dates.



i3i5t.png (139.3 kB)
botoe.png (164.1 kB)