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Aug 13, 2020 at 09:54 AM

Problem with FF_5 / entries in table FEBKO after upgrade to S/4 1909


Hi All,

After upgrade to S/4 1909 from 1809 , business colleagues have experienced a change in the FF_5 behaviour . Acc to them, previously they were able to execute FF_5 with the option ''Do not post'' for the same statement, But now even with ''Do not post'' option the entries are saved in the table Febko, and its not possible to execute FF_5 again for the same statement with the option 'Do not post' . The corresponding entry needs to be deleted from the table FEBKO using the report RFEBKA9 and only then one can execute the transaction again for the same statement.

Can someone confirm that this is really changed in 1909 ? or if there is any customizing which needs to be maintained in order to do the multiple executions for the same statement ?

In 1909 guide could not find anything related to febko or FF_5

Best regards