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Aug 12, 2020 at 09:59 AM

Problem with sp_BackupFreeTables on ADS 12


We have just moved our main database from Advantage 10 running on Server 2008 R2 to Advantage 12 running on Server 2012.

We have found an issue using the sp_BackupFreeTables stored procedure. If the destination is a local hard disk (either a drive/directory name, or a UNC path that resolves to a local hard disk) then the backup runs at the same speed as we were seeing on ADS 10/Server 2008. If the destination is not a local hard disk, then we find that the speed of the backup is extremely slow - up to 25 times longer. This occurs for both shares on another server, and shares on a NAS drive. The level of SMB does not appear to be a a factor.

Further, and more worrying, in some cases we have seen backups that appear to complete successfully, in that "execute procedure sp_backupfreetables(...)" does not return an error, but the data backed up is incomplete.

What we have done:

  • We have reproduced this using a simple one-table, one index database.
  • We have confirmed that this issue does not occur on the ADS 10/Server 2008 installation.
  • We have reproduced this on both the original release of ADS 12, and on ADS 12 SP 2
  • We have checked that there is no network or connectivity issue that we can see between the new server and the destinations that show this problem. In particular, benchmark tests between the new and old server show that the new server can save/load data across the network as fast as the old one.
  • We have checked that we are up-to-date with patches.
  • We have searched the forums here, and can't find any reports of this behaviour.


Management are suggesting that we will have to go back to ADS 10/Server 2008 installation if we can't find a resolution quickly, and if that has to happen then it will be what one of my colleagues calls a "career-limiting moment". I've run out of ideas on where to look.


-- David