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Aug 12, 2020 at 08:44 AM

Error when Building Packaged App for Hybrid App


Dear Experts,

today I got an error when I tried to build a hybrid app over the HAT. The build has always worked so far. The bug came out of nowhere today. I start the build via Mobile/Build Packaged App. The error message is:

Cut out of the console:

10:36:11 (hat) 
10:36:11 (hat) ===============================================================
10:36:12 (hat) Reuse the current CSRF token
10:36:12 (hat) Update the app description of the StoreReview app
10:36:12 (hat) Parse appRoutes.js for backend declaration
10:36:12 (hat) Configure the OData backend connectivity of the packaged app
10:36:12 (hat) Update the container of the StoreReview app
10:36:13 (hat) Step PATCH /ApplicationContainerSet failed: 500, New build version should be greater than: '{}'.