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Aug 13, 2020 at 10:12 AM

openSAP HANA 7 exercise 2.8 - service for the hdi container is not available after mtar deployment



Installation scenario: Hana express edition on preconfigured VM on my laptop.

I've downloaded the mtar file from github as indicated in the exercise. I deployed the mtar via XS CLI using ''xs deploy <file> --use-namespaces". I encountered an error was regarding the task "deploy" not being executed for the mtar.

12 Aug 2020, 14:13:10 | ATTENTION | XSA_ADMIN | Failed to stage app 'openSAP.CentralDB.db' [Org 'HANAExpress', Space 'SAP'].

12 Aug 2020, 14:13:10 | ERROR | XSA_ADMIN | Failed to stage droplet with id 1 of app 'openSAP.CentralDB.db' [Org 'HANAExpress', Space 'SAP']. For more information see '/hana/shared/HXE/xs/controller_data/controller/tracing/droplet/4ae76c3c-2e55-436d-8382-5ffed6da1ff1-stdout' and '/hana/shared/HXE/xs/controller_data/controller/tracing/droplet/4ae76c3c-2e55-436d-8382-5ffed6da1ff1-stderr'.

I then tried the command again, but got the error that deployment was cancelled because nothing was changed/updated in the mtar file. I navigated to the XSA Cockpit via webide, space "SAP" - I saw the application already there, so I restaged and started the app.

I proceeded with step 2, trying to add a new service connection, but the service isn't available.

Did I miss anything? Please advise, thanks!